What is Multipotentiality?

Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields.

It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. Such traits are called multipotentialities, while “multipotentialites” has been suggested as a name for those with this trait.

By contrast, those whose interests lie mostly within a single field are called “specialists.”

- Wikipedia

Are you a Multipotentialite?

Are you filled with potential, and have a desire to accomplish multiple projects or pursuits?

We define Multipotentiality, as having many pursuits that lead us to our 'one true calling' that defines us.

For sustainable results, It's important that when you recognise yourself as a Multipotentialite, to examine whether your pursuits are simply short-term interests, or can be transformed into businesses or, an engaging career.

It's about understanding your unique makeup, having confidence in your abilities, getting knowledge, practicing discipline, managing capacity, timing and resources in order to execute your projects successfully.

Don't let your talent lay dormant. Know your potential and utilise it.

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Why Multipotentialites could be the hybrid freelancers of the future!

Multipotentialite’s have a broad range of skills deriving from proven experience and education, not limited to their solution driven desire for knowledge. Fitting nicely into the startup space, they often have cross-industry experience allowing them to confidently switch across roles and departments, in both small and large organisations.

Succesful Multipotentialites in the workplace must be highly organised and remain engaged in multiple duties in order for them to sustain interest over a long period of time.

With the rapid change in technology and innovation, expectations in the workplace could benefit from the value of these diverse players.

The Parable of the Talents

Three people were given talents by their master. The first two received ten and five talents which they put to good use and doubled their money. The third man chose to bury his because he was afraid to lose it. The master called his stewards to account on his return. He applauded the first two but upbraided the third by taking his one talent and giving it to the servant who had ten. The moral is, make use of the talents which you have and you will be rewarded in abundance; but if you neglect to nurture your gifts then the little that you have will be taken away.

Survival of the fittest

Tips to overcome challenges and maximise your potential:

1. Be faithful with the little
2. Be diligent in your talents
3. Overcome your failures
4. Avoid Procrastination
5. Seek encouraging surroundings
6. Your aims and outcome must have purpose
7. Have patience and diligence

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